How Seamless came to be

The idea for Seamless was born out of a necessity to simplify caregivers’ and teachers’ access to information about learning differences, as well as provide effective support strategies for children who learn differently. Teachers and caregivers often have to spend hours searching across multiple sites and sources to find appropriate strategies for children and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which strategies might be effective for a specific child’s combination of needs. This is where Seamless comes in - we take the guesswork out of deciding which support strategies a child may benefit from, thereby reducing the mental load for caregivers and teachers. 

Seamless was founded by a paediatric Occupational Therapist, after 10 years of working with children, their teachers and caregivers in a range of educational and therapeutic settings. It is clear that teachers and caregivers desperately want to support children who have learning differences, but knowing where to start to address those needs can be challenging. Creating an app with all essential information in one place was the obvious answer.

Why Seamless?

We at Seamless are committed to making access to information about learning differences easy as possible for busy teachers and caregivers, and to ensuring all information we provide is based on current best practice and evidence. 

It is early in our quest, but our aim in the coming years is to provide strategies for the full spectrum of learning differences and needs.